Essayez ce GROS WOD avec plus de 200 burpees (et du run) !

Un WOD avec plus de 200 burpees
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Dès que la plupart des athlètes entendent le mot « burpees », ils courent vers la sortie. Mais Lauren Fisher n’a jamais été du genre à reculer devant un défi. Et s’il y a une façon de décrire ce WOD, c’est bien celle-là : un défi !

Voici comment ça se passe :

20, 19, 18 … jusqu’à… 1.

  • 400m de course

Faites 400 de course m après chaque série de burpees. Donc, un total de 8 km de course et 210 burpees !

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I do not recommend this workout… But just a normal night of fitness with friends. 💃 Comment or tag a friend below you know who would be willing to do this 🥵: 20-1 Burpees 400m Run Workout goes like this: 20 burpees, 400m run, 19 burpees, 400m run, 18 burpees… So on until done. That’s 8k of running & 210 burpees. Not even sure where this workout originated, but it was floating around social media for awhile and of course one of us crazies decided to do it. 😂 I jumped in about 3 minutes before Ras said he was going to leave to the track and do it. I first made the excuse I was too tired, but knew if I missed out I would be more sad. Sun going down, feeling the fresh air, and working out. My type of night. And of course finishing off after with a refreshing berry smoothie then a chocolate banana protein shake mixed with @puorilife dark chocolate protein. ✌️ – 📸: @everydayeffort

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